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About Cedarwood Shed

Cedarwood Sheds and Timber Workshops Factory is based in Liverpool and have an extensive product range that includes sheds, summerhouses, Log cabins, Kids playhouses, Octagonal, chalets, beach houses, workshops.

In all shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs, our bespoke service will give youthe building of your dreams without the silly prices.

Exterior finish options for your cedarwood shed Your new cedarwood shed may now have taken pride of place in your back garden, but as with all furniture and home improvements, it`s not over after the initial installation. There`s still the issue of how to finish your cedarwood shed to consider and like other sheds, the type of finish you choose can really influence the maintenance of this investment.

If you`re hoping to keep that natural wood look your cedarwood shed has from the off, you might go for the use of oil as a finisher. People have utilised oil to protect their outdoor furniture units for years - originally they used linseed oil but more recently other, more modern, types of oil have appeared on the market to replace linseed. For example, teak oil offers both protection and helps to retain the appearance of the wood when used to finish a cedarwood shed. Or you might instead go for tung oil. This variety of oil`s main application is retaining the natural colours and patterns of the cedarwood shed exterior. Tung oil should be applied using between five and seven coats in the first few days after you get your shed, with each coat following when the previous has soaked into the wood. Oils of any kind do need to be topped up every year or so to ensure the wood remains protected. One downside though is that when the oil is applied, rogue dust particles can get into the coat, which will then be difficult to remove.

Stains should be applied to a clean surface and have the advantage of keeping the cedarwood looking fresh and don`t need a primer either. Semi-transparent stains typically come with ultraviolet inhibitors for added protection and generally need to be applied again after a couple of years. Solid colour stains can be used on cedarwood sheds but some experts recommend against these types of stains, claiming they are not meant for the purposes of outdoor, smooth furniture.

For assured protection, try painting your cedarwood shed as a means of finishing it. Not only will this last a long time - up to ten years if done well - but you can also take your pick from a wide range of paint colours. You`re advised to paint soon after acquiring the shed so the surface isn`t too weathered. As for the type of paint to use, there are a few choices but exterior latex paints, coupled with alkyd oil-based primers, often come recommended by the experts for this job.

Sealants are sometimes used in combination with staining or simply alone. The advantages of sealants for finishing cedarwood sheds are that the surface becomes more water-resistant as the sealant absorbs the water it comes into contact with and the surface is therefore preserved, while the natural look of the shed is also maintained. Wood sealants are fairly cheap too for the protection you`re getting.

Of course, cedarwood has an advantage of its own when compared to other materials in that there are oils in the wood that resist fungi and insects. This means that not finishing your cedarwood shed at all is an option if you`ve already shopped for other products and would prefer to save money in this area. You should get a reasonable lifespan from the shed even if you don`t finish it and you`ll find that the wood still matures into a silver-grey colour, though you can expect some blemishes if you go for this option. Not finishing your cedarwood shed will help it retain its pleasant smell and natural appearance.

Our Delivery Areas

We deliver and erect cedar garden sheds to all areas in: Liverpool, London, Southport, Wirral, Warrington, Cheshire, North West, Manchester. Basicaly we deliver to all parts of mainland UK with our Cedar Wood Buildings and larger Workshop buildings so please enquire sending your post code and we will quote for delivery.

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